Tutorial: Adding and Removing Textures

While making a Jig presentation you may wish to import your own 3D models and add textures to them.

There are three types of textures that you can add to an object in Jig Workshop.

  • Diffuse map - mainly used for color information
  • Normal map - used for bumps and details.
  • RMA map includes three maps: Roughness, Metalness, Ambient Occlusion

    Texture slot

    Be aware that only .Obj file format supports UV import.

    Adding Texture

    To add textures to an object you have to be in the object mode. A blue outline on a model shows that it is in object mode, while green is in the sub-object mode.

    You can also check the object’s toolbar. If you can see the :toolbar_objectmode: icon, it means that your object is in the object mode, so if you see the :toolbar_subobjectmode: icon then click on it to change modes.

    Textures only show up in the Standard material. This should be the default on import, but if you have something else selected you can go to :toolbar_colour: in the toolbar and select the material tab. Make sure you have the Standard material selected.

    Material slot

    After that, you can tap and open up the Texture tab.

    Before importing texture to Jig Workshop make sure you have them in your device. Here are some ways to bring your texture into the device.

    • Send them using email.
    • Send them to your iCloud, Google drive, etc.
    • Download from the Internet.
    • Send them using chats (for example Slack)
    • Send them using Airplay, Bluetooth
    • Download from your computer using a cord.

    Removing Texture

    To remove texture from Texture slots, go to :toolbar_colour: select texture tab and delete texture maps using :toolbar_bin:.

    While textures will apply to your whole object you will still be able to change the colours of sub-objects individually using the colour tab. It can be a good idea to have any flat coloured sections on your objects textures as white if you want the ability to add in and customize this sub-objects colour in the Jig Workshop.