Importing Custom 3D Models

Pete here again from the Jig content team! You might have noticed in a recent release of the Workshop you can now import your own 3D objects by pressing the blue button in the model library.

Below I show two different methods of saving 3D objects (.OBJ) onto your device and then importing them into your Jigs.

Method 1: Email

First I’ve ZIPPED the.OBJ files into a single file on my PC and then e-mailed the ZIP file to my Ipad account.

On your Ipad, open the email. You’ll be able to view the files within the zip file once it’s downloaded. From here you can choose to download each file.

Check out how to do this below:

Note: You can email .OBJ files to your email account without zipping them and can download them straight from your email.

Method 2: Turbosquid

Turbosquid has a wide range of models that you can purchase but there are also plenty of free models you can experiment with. Note that lots of files on Turbosquid are often compressed into the .RAR file format. Below I show how to download a model off Turbosquid and then use the app UnZip to extract the .OBJ.

Check out how to do this below:

If you haven’t yet, make sure you also check out the 3D Model Import Guidelines:

Jig Workshop: 3D Model Import Guidelines

If you have any questions about either of these methods don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to help.