Tutorial: Replicate Tool

Object attributes

While creating your Jig there may be occasions where you find you want to copy an attribute on your object from one step to another. Learning this tool will save you a enormous amount of time.

Object attributes you can replicate are:

  • Color
  • Scale
  • Rotation
  • Position
  • Labels
  • Duplicate an object to other steps
  • Delete an object from other steps.

Opening the Replicate Flower

Once you’ve made the changes you want, to copy, select the object you’re copying from and then long press down on the attribute you want to copy in the toolbar (ie. color).

This will bring up the Replicate menu. We call this menu the Flower. From here you can choose where along the timeline you’d like to replicate an attribute.

Replication FlowerSmall

Replicate Across One Step

If you want to simply copy the attribute back or forward one Step, tap on the Previous Step :replicate_previousstep: or Next Step :replicate_nextstep: button. You’ll find when you move to the next or previous Step that the attribute has been copied across.

Replicate Across All Previous or Next Steps

If you want to copy an attribute across all previous or next Steps, you can select the All Previous Steps :replicate_allprevioussteps: or the All Next Steps :replicate_allnextsteps: button. This option will affect every subsequent Step from the Step you’re currently on.

Replicate Multiple Attributes

While the Flower is open, any attribute you have selected in the toolbar, like Position :toolbar_move: , Colour :toolbar_colour: or Labels :toolbar_label: , will be replicated. This means that you can select to change as many attributes as you want in one go.

To select an attribute to copy just tap on the icon. It will turn black to indicate it has been selected. To deselect, just tap the same icon again.

Replicate Across All Steps

When you want to make a change to a model over your entire Jig you can open up the Flower, and then select the Across All Steps :replicate_allsteps: button. This will copy your change across every Step in your Jig.

Copy and Pasting Attributes

When you want to copy an attribute from one step to another without affecting the steps in between you can choose to copy and paste an attribute.

To copy, press on the Copy :replicate_copy: button.
You can then scroll to the step where you want to change the attribute. Make sure to select the same model
Then in the Flower press the Paste :replicate_paste: button on the lower right.

Replicate Colours

It’s important to note when your working in Object Mode :toolbar_objectmode: or Sub-object Mode :toolbar_subobjectmode: that if you replicate colour in Object mode this will overwrite the colour of every Sub-object.