Shopping trolley

This isn’t a jig really. I just wanted to say how much fun, and how easy it was, bringing a shopping trolley model I made in Blender into JigSpace, then into my little living room.

There were materials for it in Blender but as the model was grouped into main components in Blender I found it very easy to select and apply materials from the JigSpace library.

This subject is a more of an installation than a ‘how-to’ jig. I’ve used the trolley in a 3D illustration with another iconic bit of discarded rubbish here on my website.



That’s awesome @Rory, glad you are enjoying the app! Looks pretty real there in your room :ok_hand:

Thanks for making this so easy @greenlig.

I had a good talk with Sam on your homepage help chat and am learning more about this app’s deceptive power through your well set up email tutorials.

I’ve not had a lot of experience in AR or VR but I was very inspired by Kai_XR’s learning initiative using WebXR to produce virtual field trips for disadvantaged kids.

I think this is a very accessible and nicely put together educational tool… and, potentially a great app for interactive art. I’ll post any results if I get any further with it.