Shapr3d in combination with Jig

I was hoping to use JIGspace to showcase my Shapr3d files in AR. But I do struggle to justify this.

  1. The OBJ is imported with the wrong scaling and oritation
    This could be solved with scaling and rotation tools that allowed input and or snapping (scale 1000% and rotate 90degrees around Y axis)
    And/or if it did this automatically when importing?
  2. I miss some snapping functing when moving stuff around. And again number input for more precise.
  3. I would really like the option to export the JIG as USDZ or a .reality file that can run natively on iPhones and iPads.

I also must say that Cadmio has the upper hand on UI and UX (even though they don’t support AR or Animations)
They also have more realistic materials and adjustability.
If Cadmio got AR capabilities, USDZ export and maby animations. I would definitely use that over JIGspace for AR. It’s just a more pleasant app to work in.

Hi @Vassi

  1. We rescale imported objects currently, but are updating our import options so you can retain scale from the file. Target date for this is early next year (January).
  2. Rotation and move-based snapping is possible on our Desktop app for Windows and Mac - just hold down SHIFT while you click and drag. Download free desktop app here.
  3. What we call ‘precision input’ (number input) is on our roadmap to be released for next quarter.
  4. Exporting USDZ - something we are thinking about but not yet prioritising, as many Jigs have 10s or 100s of animation steps it is not as simple as exporting a single un-animated object as in Cadmio.

Additionally - we are releasing further enhancements in the next few weeks:

  1. Base colours and labels from your CAD files can be imported
  2. Spin animations will be available for objects or sub-objects to further bring your CAD to life
  3. Viewing Jigs in a web-browser pilots, then major release early next year. Anyone you share your content with will not need an app to view it or you can embed in a web-page.

Does this help answer your questions? Happy to chat further on a call if you get in touch here: