Importing .obj in Jig Workshop

Hello I’ve emailed myself a .obj from Sketchup… How do you import from email? thanks new to this obviously. I’m not seeing the Use my own 3D object in Workshop

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Hi Susans. Welcome to the community! Great to have you here.

To import a custom .obj for the workshop press the + button, then press the blue button at the top “Use my own 3D objects”.


If you’re missing the blue button you will need to download the latest version of Jig Workshop.

Once you’ve pressed this button you’ll be asked to select your.obj file. You will need to download your .obj from your email first before you can select it.

I made a post (Including a video) about importing custom models into Jig workshop from an email here:

Don’t hesitate to ask if you run into an issue.

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I did it! Now I want to view it in my Jigs in jig space!