Import Solidworks assembly as different parts

Hey Folks, I am trying to import Solidworks Assembly File to Jig Workshop but struggling with a lot issues like:

  • Converting it to an .obj file which comprises of all the separate parts.
  • How to link .mtl file which will import the material and colors, also.
  • How can I import animations to the Jig Workshop.

I read all the questions in the forum but didn’t get any satisfactory answer.
Yes, importing a part file is working here, but I haven’t find resource to import the Solidworks assembly file.

Hi himanshu, welcome to the community, thanks for reaching out.

Sorry to hear about the issues you’re having with Solidwork’s files. This is something we are looking into and improving over time. Your question really helps in highlighting those areas.

Have you tried this Solidworks OBJ exporter to convert your file into an .OBJ file?
As a Jig Pro feature you can now also import .STEP files which might be useful to import your objects.

Currently we don’t use the information from the .mtl file but this is a feature we’ll be adding soon.

The only animation we currently support is the animation you setup within Jig Workshop because .OBJ files don’t support animation data. This doesn’t mean we won’t be opening up more file formats that do support animations.

What type of animation are you trying to bring in?

Hi Pete,

I used this mentioned procedure only to export the .obj file from Solidworks. As it was a assembly, it opened in the workshop with no issue, but most of the parts are not segregating and acting as single part. So, I am not being able to add workshop’s internal animations to show the exploded view.

I am a product designer and I need to animate, how the product works. Exploded views, Some path tracing animations, etc.

And I applied for Jig Pro, around 2-3 weeks back but haven’t got any response, it would be great if you can provide me the access so that I can try things with step format.

And one more suggestion, although I am hoping that it might be on your to-do list, to provide a tracker feature.

Hi Himanshu,

Can you message me your email address privately (not publicly on this forum) and I’ll get you set up with a trial?

The email to set up your trial may have gone to junk.

Sorry about the inconvenience! Get in touch and we’ll have you up and running in minutes.