How to add audio to a Jig


The JigSpace workshop now supports adding audio to your 3D presentations.

Import audio instructions, music or sound effect files, or record your voice instructions directly in the app to reinforce written instructions or to add ambient sound and atmosphere to your Jig 3D presentations.

Currently JigSpace workshop supports these common audio formats:

  • MP3
  • OGG
  • WAV
  • M4A

Files can not be larger than 20MB.

Recording audio in JigSpace

Tap the microphone icon to record audio from your devices microphone. Tap it again to stop recording and upload.

Audio instructions can improve accessibility, or draw your viewer’s attention to an object in your immersive experience.

Each step of your presentation can have its own audio.

For best results, we recommend writing down your instructions first before tapping ‘record’ and limiting length to a maximum of 2-3 sentences per step.

Importing audio files

Tap the audio Icon :audio: next to the instructions panel to upload an audio file.

This will open a files browser. Simply pick the audio file that you’d like to add. Currently we support four file types .mp3 .ogg .wav and .m4a with a maximum of 20Mb in file size.

After the audio file is uploaded, you can press the play button to listen to the audio. Tap on the red trash can to delete an audio file.

When viewing your Jig in augmented reality the sound will automatically play on the steps you’ve assigned audio.

Viewing Jigs with audio

As you tap through a presentation, any step that has audio files will automatically play at the start of a step. Tapping on the :audio: icon will mute audio.

A single Jig can contain a mix of audio recorded in app, audio files and audio that plays from an imported video (see How to add video to a Jig ).

We recommend checking the volume of each audio element to ensure it is consistent, and avoid combining verbal audio instructions and video (with audio) in the same step.

Audio use cases in 3D

Some ways your can use audio to enhance your 3D presentations include:

  • spoken instructions for technical instructions (see above video).
  • audio descriptions of each step for users with low literacy.
  • professional narrated voice over for sales and product demonstrations.
  • personalised 1:1 sales demonstrations.
  • sound effects of machines that enhance animations of objects from step to step.
  • ambient background sounds or music to immersive viewers in your 3D scene.

Free audio downloads

Below are some links to free audio libraries you can use to enhance your Jigs. Please ensure you respect the creator’s copyright instructions or creative commons licensing requirements.

Free Downloads

Paid Audio Libraries for Professionals

  • Audio Jungle - royalty free sound effects and music from $1 each.
  • Epidemic Sound - professional sound effects and music available to download on a subscription.

JigSpace reserves the right to remove audio content from our platform that infringes on copyright.