How to add video to a Jig


Like custom textures you can now add videos to any 3D object to add complex motion and life to your Jigs. This requires version 3.2 of the JigSpace app.

Unlike static textures which cannot change from step-to-step, you can have different unique videos playing on every step!

JigSpace workshop currently supports .MP4 and .MOV video file formats.

Files can not be larger than 50MB.

Adding videos to your Jig

Select the 3D object on which you wish to add a video to its surface.

Tap on the :toolbar_colour: and tap on the Textures tab.

Next tap on the Apply image or a video button.

Under the Add video title, paste a public link to a video you’ve hosted on either:

  • iPhone or iPad camera roll
  • Web link from your website, fileserver or CMS
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • One Drive

No matter the hosting type you choose you will need to make sure your video isn’t set to private or it will not load.

As a Pro subscriber you have the added option to upload a video directly within JigSpace workshop.

Simply click on the Upload file button and pick the video that you’d like to add.

Upload Video Button

Once a video is uploaded to your Jig you will only see the first frame while working on your Jig.

Tap the :menu_armode: AR button to preview the full video in augmented reality or 3D.

To enhance the look of your video, change the material of the 3D object to standard or unlit materials.

Finally, change the colour of the object to be white in the colour panel.

When you view your Jig in augmented reality your video will automatically play when you navigate to the assigned step. Once the video clip is over it will loop again until you change steps.

Video screen ratio templates

The JigSpace 3D model library contains some video screen template models you can use that will perfectly match the most common video ratios (16:9 or 4:3). Most iPhones create video in 16:9 by default and professionally created content is typically displayed in this format.

The iPad and a lot of archival content from history is often displayed in the 4:3 ratio, which is more ‘box-like’ in appearance.

To use these templates, search “Screen” in the 3D model library, or tap on the Miscellaneous category.

Once you have added one of these screen templates to your Jig, you can follow the steps above to add a video to the screen. Once added, you can move and resize accordingly.

Previewing video

Remember: whilst editing, videos will only display their first frame.

To preview the video as it will appear when viewing or presenting a Jig, tap the :menu_armode: AR button to preview the full video in augmented reality or flat 3D mode.

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