Graphite Giant Covalent Structure - how to flip in multiple planes?

Hi, I created this from scratch yesterday. Do feel free to use!

Right now I can rotate the model only along one plane. How might I get it to rotate along the z axis too?


Hey @mibinh nice Jig!!! I think I saw you post this on twitter :wink: We’re thinking of opening up a community section in Jig Workshop, where we can display Jigs like this to all our users. Would you be interested in something like that?

As for rotating, yes, it only rotates around the Y axis right now. We tried with the other two axes, but it felt a bit clunky with Jigs like the toaster. I can see how it would make sense with your Jig, though. A work-around would be to select all the parts on a step and rotate it in Jig Workshop. Thoughts?