Getting started with Jig Workshop Pro 🚀

We have now opened up Early Access to Pro features, for existing free Jig Workshop users.

We call this Jig Workshop Pro.

Key links to get started:

:arrow_right: Create a free account here (and verify your email) if you haven’t aleady:

:arrow_right: Download Jig Workshop app (or sign up inside the app):

Then do one of the following:

:arrow_right: Request an upgrade here:

:arrow_right: Or ask to be added to an existing Pro team account by your organisation manager

What is Jig Workshop?

Jig Workshop is a software service that enables users to create digital presentations using 3D content that are viewable in Augmented Reality.

Two subscription types exist: a free license with limited features and a Pro license with extensive features for businesses, teams or professional users.

Jig Workshop Pro features are specifically associated with these respective roles:

  • Pro Creators (read/write users who can create, edit and present 3D and AR content); and
  • Pro Presenters (read-only users who can only present 3D and AR content made by a Creator).

Pro Creators can upload their own 3D models to Jig Workshop inside the app, and proceed to further edit or format these files. They can further create step-based linear presentations (or ‘Jigs’ as we call them) using one or more of these 3D models, similar to concept of ‘slides’ in a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Typical pro creators are: engineers, designers, training managers, teachers, marketers, 3D modellers, etc.

Pro Presenters function purely as read-only viewers or presenters of content that a Creator shares with them.

  • Typical pro presenters are sales associates, training instructors, clients or customers and retail or trade show kiosks (on iPads).

Workshop Pro functions like an ‘upgrade’ your free subscription, and is now available on an invite only basis.

To be upgraded, if you do not have a team account already, you simply need to request access, confirm billing and then your free account will be upgraded to a Pro Account with all the Pro features.

Existing team accounts can upgrade any free user (and add them to their account) themselves via the self serve Jig Dashboard.

What are the Pro Features?

The exclusive Jig Workshop Pro features include:

  • STEP, STP, STL 3D file importing pipeline (in addition to OBJ)
  • Up to 100Mb CAD model uploads
  • Secure sharing and tracking of Jigs within teams or externally to named users
  • Custom branded apps to look like your organisation
  • Team and 3D asset management
  • Offline Mode (present Jigs without access to the internet).

We have a lot more problems to solve for professional users that we haven’t build features for yet. This is why we are choosing to start with a small cohort of early user customers to work closely with and iterate throughout the next few months.

If you would like to know more, you can comment below or request to get access to Jig Workshop Pro here:


Can this be used to create other thing

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Hi @Camaro you can use Jig Workshop to make 3D presentations for so many things - training material, sales and marketing demonstrations or testing and prototyping your designs in the real world.

We have companies in manufacturing, transport, healthcare, entertainment, mining and resources using this in different ways every day.

@Camaro What would you like to see it be used for?