Exporting Project

Is it possible to export a jig project as an object? I used multiple objects and wanted to link them as one solid object to reuse in other jigs.

Hi @Willie, that’s a great question. We don’t currently support that, but I’d love to know more about how you’d like to use it!

Thanks for replying @greenlig . Just similar to how there’s the ability to lock multiple pieces and move them together. It would be helpful to lock and export those as one obj. Saves time from having to re-create the same piece again when working on another project.

For example, I create a specific structure out of multiple blocks. I enjoy it and want to use it in another project. But re-creating it can be time consuming. Would be nice to just save it as a whole and import it like we can with are own obj’s.

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That’s a really interesting use-case, makes sense. I can’t commit to a timeline for developing the feature, but I’ll put it to the development team and see where it fits on the product roadmap. We do have asset/object management tools coming to the platform, but that will be for our Jig Workshop Pro licences.