Disappearing Objects

I’ve been running into an issue where if an object’s “front” side is facing inwards in an object the Jig Workshop will assume their is no other side and presents it as invisible. I will send Zac an email with an attached photo as I don’t seem to have the option to upload a photo on this forum.

Thank you for letting us know. We do currently only show one side of an object’s face, so if that is facing inwards that can be a problem. It would still be great if you could send the image via email, so that we can double check if that is what is occurring, and help find you a solution.

Regarding attaching photos, you should now see an “Attach” button at the bottom when posting. Sorry about that, it was hidden by default.

I believe that is what is occurring. Thank you for adding the attach feature although I receive the following message when attempting to attach a screenshot “Opps! Something went wrong. Please reload the page and try again.” I also of course tried reloading the page. Laura could you please share your email address so I could email you the screenshots? Thanks

Hey, we’ll be addressing the image issue soon, I think the forum software we’re running here isn’t quite up to scratch. Stay tuned on that…

For the missing faces, it’s basically a problem with how the object was originally created. What’s occurred is that modeller selected one half, duplicated it, and flipped it to make up the other side. The flipping process turns it inside out. Like Laura said, only one side shows, so it look like it’s missing. Hard error to correct on our side, but pretty simple if you have the model in Blender. If you send us the OBJ we can fix it for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the offer, I’d like to figure it out how to fix it myself. That way I don’t occupy your time every time I run into this problem. Flipping/inverting makes sense. How would you suggest I go about this? Thanks!

Hi zmclearan, been loving all the Jig’s you’ve made over in your other thread.

I’m not sure which 3D application you’ve been using to make your Jigs but here is a quick video showing how to flip a face in Blender .

As Zac mentioned Flipped faces usually occur when you mirror parts of a model. The tricky thing is, they often show up in the 3D application as looking correct until you export them. To have the faces show up correctly you need to reset the scale transform of the object. In Blender make sure you’re in object mode ( TAB ) then press Ctrl + A , from the menu, choose Scale .

Once you do this you’ll see the object flips around inside out.

Now go into edit Mode ( TAB ) and select all your faces by pressing A .

You have two options now.

A) If you’ve attached your object to another mesh that doesn’t have flipped faces choose Recalculate this “should” fix the faces so they are all facing the correct way.

B) If the object isn’t attached to another mesh you can just select Flip Direction .

You can also select individual faces and use Flip Direction if you need to only fix a few faces up.