YouTube Jig Showcase

This is where people show off their Jigs about YouTube. Also if you have a YouTube channel, let me know and I might subscribe! :slight_smile: Also my YouTube channel is TylerGaming806

Hi TylerGaming806 welcome to the platform. This is a cool idea, I cant wait to see what everyone makes :smile:

Hi TylerGaming806 thanks for the suggestion.

To kick off this, in case you missed it here is a YouTube video the @JIG-Pete made recently.

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OK, it’s me again!

I wanted to share a Jig that @JIG-Pete @greenlig @Numa and I all shared on different screens simultaneously to demonstrate the new Remote Live Presentation feature in Jig Workshop 1.9.9

It’s a Tesla Powerpack (large backup battery storage system) and shows how the batteries can be replaced and what a maintenance worker might need to do.

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