Windows Tablets Troubleshooting

I have a problem running jigs with my windows 10 tablet.
When I click the view button the jig appears on a white background and my camera is not activated.
Hope someone can help…

Hi Dimitri

Thanks for getting in touch and welcome to the Jig Community!

As you’re on a Windows Tablet - Jig Workshop Pro operates as a ‘Desktop Device’ which is designed primarily for authoring, not for presenting or viewing in augmented reality.

AR in Jigs use Apple’s ARKit platform, which is only available on iPhone or iPads (see: List of AR compatible devices)

When you create or view on Windows, whether is a desktop PC or a Windows Tablet, your Jigs will render in ‘Flat 3D’ mode which is what you described.

On your Pro subscription - if you create on a Windows Tablet - any Jig you make will still be AR enabled whenever viewed on a compatible Apple devices.

Hi Sam!
Thank you for the answer.
Therefore, unfortunately, I will cancel the PRO subscription, only for a while, I hope.
In our establishment we are mainly using Windows and Android platforms.
I would appreciate a lot if you could put me in the mailing list to inform about release of fully functional version on Windows.