Why does every STEP file lock up JigSpace?

I’ve imported a few .stp files into JigSpace. The first 2 locked it up immediately. The third one allowed me to manipulate for a minute then locked it up with a big pink screen of death. Any suggestions?

Hi Greaterluck - Welcome to the platform. :smiley:

While I cant say for sure without looking at the files in question, I believe it may be due to either the number of individual meshes in your file, or the overall number of triangles/polygons that make up your models meshes.

At JigSpace we recommend keeping your polycount bellow 500,000 triangles. We also recommend keeping the individual meshes (sub-objects) bellow 50.

Fortunately I believe we plan to release a masterclass covering the topic of CAD model optimization for JigSpace this week.

When it is released I will attach a link to the class bellow.
I hope it can be of help to you.

Best Regards