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Hey folks,

Thanks for joining us, we’re glad you’re here.
I’m excited to see what you all create with Jig Workshop! Ask questions, make suggestions, and most importantly, share your Jigs. The Jig team are here to help :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy Jigging!

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[From JustinGBen]
Hi Zac, keep up the amazing innovation!

Any chance you could create a couple more atoms? They are extremely useful in demonstrating how atoms bond, creating my own atoms is easy, demonstrating atom moves from in the next “scene” takes a lot of time.

Hey, we will :smiley:

Good question on the atoms, I’ll run it past the content team. On the difficulty of moving atoms every step, is it time consuming because you can only do one at a time? If so, we’ve got something coming in the next update that will help that!!

Hi! I’m using Jig Workshop on iPad. After creating a Jig, how do I share it with other users? Do I Airdrop it?

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Hey @mibinh, welcome to the JigSpace Community!!

When you share, Jig Workshop creates a link for you. You can Airdrop it, or just share the link on whatever platform you like. Here’s a quick video that shows the sharing options:

Let me know if that helps!

Ah, i see. Thank you!


Thank you. I have a complaint/suggestion, you should make it make one side longer at a time, without that it is annoying to try and make things fit

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