Using the 3D Asset Library in Jig Workshop Pro

3D Asset Library

Jig Workshop is the fastest and easiest way to share knowledge in 3D.

As a subscriber to Jig Workshop Pro, you can save time preparing 3D assets by having them readily available in the cloud with the new 3D Asset Library for re-use across multiple Jigs or team members.

Core features

  • 300Mb file size limit (30Mb in free Jig Workshop)
  • Share CAD files securely across your team
  • Batch uploading
  • STEP/STP, OBJ or STL file supported
  • Accessible from all connected iOS or Desktop apps.

    Uploading files to your 3D Asset Library

    Go to to upload your 3D content files (STEP, STP, OBJ, STL).

    Start by selecting the ‘Import 3D Objects’ button.

    Locate file and upload

    Uploads can be up to 300Mb per file with Jig Workshop Pro.

    3D Objects List Updated.

    Access 3D Asset Library from Jig Workshop apps

    Your 3D asset library is available to be imported into Jigs by any Creator member of your organisation.

    To start, press :menu_addobject: to open the object library, whilst creating a Jig.

    Select My 3D objects and a 3D asset from your list of saved files

    Object will load in your Jig, ready for formatting and presentation.

    Sub-objects within the object are preserved and ready to showcase.

    Further notes on v1.1

    1. Organisation storage is limited to 10Gb. Additional data purchasable at USD$20/mth per 10Gb.
    2. Files uploaded to the 3D Asset Library can only be used inside Jig Workshop Pro.
    3. All object uploads to 3D Asset Library are visible to all ‘Creator’ members of an organisation tenant.
    4. Assets deleted from library are not removed from any Jigs that contain them.