Using size and scale

The scale of your objects is an important consideration when building your scenes. Increasing the size of an object can help draw attention to that object.

To scale:

  • Select your Object :toolbar_objectmode:, or Sub-object :toolbar_subobjectmode:
  • Tap the Scale :toolbar_scale: button on the toolbar.
  • You can then scale your object uniformly by pressing on the yellow box and dragging away from it.

Alternatively you can press either the Red,Green or Blue arrows and then dragging to stretch your object.

It is best practice to keep your models scaled to fit the workspace.

If you find your imported model is too big, use the scale tool to reduce your models size.

Scale can be a great way to add movement across the Steps of a Jig and emphasize a model in a scene.

By making an object invisible and small in the previous Step, the transition draws the eye to the new focus in the next Step.