Updating a Jig’s details from Jig Dashboard

As a Pro feature of the Jig Workshop Pro subscription, you’ll have access to Jig Dashboard. Inside you’ll be able to quickly edit the details of all your Jigs without having to load each Jig individually in the Jig Workshop.

  • Enter the Jig Dashboard by signing in with your Jig login and password.
  • Once inside, click on the My Jigs from the side bar.
  • Now you can see your Jigs, you can edit them by clicking on either:
    The thumbnail image or the Jig details JigDetails button.

Using Jig Dashboard you can:

  • Change the Jig’s name.
  • Change the Thumbnail of the Jig.
  • Add tags that will help when searching for a certain Jig.
  • Update the Jig’s description.
  • Change visibility from Unlisted to Private and vice versa.

Unlisted Jigs can be viewed by anyone that has been given a link to them, while Private Jigs can only be viewed if you have been given permission to access them via the Jig Dashboard.

You’ll also be able to:

DeleteJig Delete the Jig.
CopyJig Make a Copy of the Jig.
AccessAndRoles Setup Access and Roles