Tutorial: Updating Company Branding on Dashboard

As a Pro feature of the Jig Workshop Pro subscription your elected Organization Manager will have the ability to customize your company’s branding. The Organization Manager will be able to access this through the Jig Dashboard.

Once logged into the Dashboard select the Organization tab on the left. This will open up the Organization customize settings. This includes the name of your company, your company logo, and the ability to change the primary menu colour to match your brand colour.

Once you are done making changes remember to click on save changes.

Organisation Name

To change the name of your organisation just click in the Organisation Name box and rename it.

Organisation Logo

To change your company Logo, click on the Upload New Logo button. Then click on the paperclip to open up file explorer and select your Logo image file.

It’s important to note that all logos need to be in a 512x512 pixel PNG format for upload. You’ll be presented with a preview of the Logo. If you’re happy with it press upload.

Remember to take advantage of the 512x512 space so that the logo is as big and clear as possible. We advise keeping your Logo up to date so that your branding stays consistent across platforms.

Organisation Colour

To change your Primary Colour, just click and drag on the colour palette and colour bar.

Most companies have specific guidelines about what colours can be used in their branding. To add in the correct colour you can find out what your company’s hex code (colour code) is and paste the code in the lower box.

Once you are done making changes remember to click on save changes.
You’ll find that once you refresh the Jig Workshop App that your changes have carried across.