Tutorial: Undo and Redo buttons

When working on your Jig sometimes you might need to undo your previous action, or even a number of actions. If you want to undo or redo an action you can tap on the Undo :menu_undo: or Redo :menu_redo: arrows found in the bottom left corner of the menu.

Undo Button

The Undo button is one of the most popular ways to easily fix a mistake by undoing your last action in your Jig.

You should remember at this moment there are some actions you will not be able to undo, but there is almost always another way to accomplish what you want, for example:

  • If you add a new step, you will not be able to undo this action. But you can delete the step instead by holding down on it and then pressing the cross when it appears.
  • Adding a new Object - select the object and hold down on the Delete :toolbar_bin: button to open the Replicate Flower. Then select Across All Steps :replicate_allsteps: to delete it from your Jig.
  • Adding Texture - in Colour :toolbar_colour: open the texture tab and tap to Delete :toolbar_bin: the texture you want to remove.
  • Adding different Materials in Colour :toolbar_colour: to your object cannot be undone, but in most cases you just need to re-select the Standard Material.

You might even find another example. But we want to reassure you we are working to fix them as soon as we can, to provide you with the best experience possible.

Undo and Redo buttons to explore your options

Undo and Redo buttons can also be helpful for exploring different positions or colours with your objects. Allowing you to scroll back and forward through your actions as you experiment.