Tutorial: Labels

Labels can be useful for highlighting the focus of a Step. You could add in the object’s name or the features you’re discussing in the Jig.

To add a Label select the object or sub-object you want to discuss, then tap the Label
:toolbar_label: button in the toolbar. Tap on the empty label box and add in the suitable information.

Note: You can only Label an object in Object Mode :toolbar_objectmode: if there are no Sub-objects :toolbar_subobjectmode:

Once a label is assigned, when the object is tapped in either the Workshop or in AR Mode, the label will appear for 2 seconds.

If you want the label to be visible permanently on this step you can tap the ‘Always show’ tick box. To turn this feature off just re-tap the tick box.

Drill Rig Labels Smaller

This object’s Label information will only be added on the current Step.

If you want your object to always have this Label, hold down on the Label :toolbar_label: icon in the toolbar until the replicate tool pops up and then select the Across All Steps :replicate_allsteps: icon to add the label to all the Steps in your Jig.