Tutorial: Importing STL files into Jig Workshop

The STL file format is widely used by industry professionals in building and manufacturing, and is well known for precise 3D printing. With our new Jig Workshop Pro subscription you will be able to import your STL models straight into the Workshop, streamlining your workflow into Augmented Reality.

Many 3D software packages support exporting to the STL format, such as CAD, Maya, Blender, and Rhinoceros 3D.

Here is an example, using Blender.

Important: the STL file format does not keep UVs or support sub-objects.

Before importing an STL file to Jig Workshop make sure you have it saved to your device. Here are some ways to transfer your files into the device.

  • Send them using email.
  • Send them to your iCloud, Google drive, etc.
  • Download from the Internet.
  • Send them using chats (for example Slack).
  • Send them using Airplay, Bluetooth.
  • Download from your computer using a cord.

Import STL file to Jig Workshop

To import your STL file to Jig Workshop go to :menu_addobject: then press the big blue button

Blue Button and choose your STL file on the device.