Tutorial: Importing STEP files

A Jig presentation can be a great way to iterate on and discuss the different features of product models. Jig Workshop has always supported the OBJ model format, and now with a Jig Workshop Pro subscription users will also be able to import STL and STEP.

STEP files are a widely accepted format for exchanging 3D product model data in the computer aided design (CAD) industry. The Jig Workshop Pro subscription will allow industry professionals in machining and manufacturing operations, to bring their 3D designs straight into the Jig Workshop to view them in Augmented Reality.

To provide a seamless experience, as a part of our import process your models scale will automatically be adjusted to fit the Jig Workshop scene, and any inverted normal’s will be corrected.

The main 3D software packages that support exporting STEP files are professional manufacturing programs like CAD and Solidworks.

Importing your own STEP file is the same process as importing any other object file.

Tapping on the Add Object :menu_addobject: button in the left menu to open the model library.

Then pressing the Blue Button button, you’re able to select your chosen STEP file.

Once your STEP file is loaded in you will be able to edit it like any other model. You can scale and position it, add materials, and even select and edit its Sub-objects. Just press on the Object Mode :toolbar_objectmode: button on the tool bar to enter Sub-object Mode :toolbar_subobjectmode: