Tutorial: Deleting Objects

If you want to remove an object from a Step select the object and tap on the Delete :toolbar_bin: button on the bottom of the toolbar.

This will remove your object from your current Step, but it will still be present in the other Steps of your Jig.

If you want to remove an object permanently from all Steps, press and hold down on the Delete :toolbar_bin: button until the replicate flower appears and then tap on the Across All Steps :replicate_allsteps: button.

You can also perform the same actions for a Sub-object. This will let you delete a part of your model without affecting the whole. If your objects outline is green and the Sub-object Mode :toolbar_subobjectmode: icon is shown on the toolbar, you’re in sub-object mode. If your outline is blue and the Object Mode :toolbar_objectmode: icon is on the toolbar, simply tap the icon to switch over to sub-object mode.

If you have deleted an object accidentally you can undo the mistake with the Undo :menu_undo: button on the left menu. It is also possible to replace the step with one that still possesses the object, and delete the one without it.