Tutorial: Adding links

Adding a link(s) to your Jig is a great way to link to your company website or detailed information about a product you’re selling.

Links can easily be added by typing:


  • Replace URL with the website you’d like to go to.
  • Replace TEXT with the text you’d like as your link.

You can add more text before and after the code above if desired.

  As an example:

  Tap <link=”https://Jig.Space”>here</link> for more information.

Clicking on the word here will take you to https://Jig.Space

Links work in both; the description text field and from object labels.

Link Colour

To help your link standout you can also add colour with a little bit of extra code.


#ffa500ff is a colours’ hex code. You can replace this part with any other hex code.

To help identify hex code for the link colour you’d like to apply, you can use this website.


Final Link

Combining everything we’ve learnt. The final link code used in this example is:

  <link=”https://jig.space”> <color=#04ABEB> Jig Space </color> </link>

If you find it easier you can also type our your link then copy and paste the text into Jig Workshop.