To view in AR, open in browser. With the '...' button

Hi. When I click the View IN AR button on my phone, I get this error:

To view this experience in AR, open in browser. With the ‘…’ button.

I can’t seem to work out why it won’t open. I’ve tried two different Chrome browsers on my Android phone. Is it because I’m on the free version?

Hey @SirRADS, you should be able to see the Jig with the free version, so you’ve either found a bug or there’s something else happening! If you could answer a few questions:

  • What Android device are you using?
  • What browser + version?
  • If you’re ok sharing it, what Jig are you trying to view?

If you can get these details, we can dig into the issue a bit more.


No problems :wink:


Hi @SirRADS ,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

It’s been fixed now so please try viewing your jig in Chrome again.

You might need to refresh your cache, or you can try in an incognito tab which doesn’t have any browser cache enabled.


Beautiful. That’s got it working.


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