Texture of scanned objects not imported

Hello there, I use display.land app to scan the real world objects. Then I use blender to crop the object and export as .obj so that it can be used in my jig. But, the imported obj always appears in a ‘solid’ mode, rather than in ‘material preview’ mode. In other words the object appears as a greyish mass rather than the colourful material it is supposed to look like. Any help is appreciated.

Hi Achalshetty

It sounds like you are working on a very cool project if you are scanning real world objects.

This technical query might be best served by our team directly - can you email me via contact@jig.space with a link to the Jig and your account name so we can have a look? Any other supporting information or a link to download the 3D files you have created from a share-link would help too.

MTL files (material files) are not currently imported via the Workshop iOS apps, so when you upload an OBJ it is only the geometry of the object (the ‘greyish mass’) which you can then apply our materials to. However, with an object that you created from scanning real world objects you will need your own material imported.

We are happy to look into this for you, to see if we can help or inform our future development of enabling this feature. So as I said - just send us an email directly at contact@jig.space and we’ll keep chatting!