Take apart of a rocket

Check out this animation by Aumic Animations!

Oh sorry I did not include the file! Here it is. https://pro.jig.space/4PwOoWHTbcb

Hi @Meowey - I thought it was cool how you showed the stages of the Orion Spacecraft coming apart in your Jig here:

One idea I had, after seeing you add some periodic tables was to use this to show the fuel that is burned to create the thrust of the rocket, or the metals used in the rocket fuselage.

The fuel they use, from the NASA website, is liquid hydrogen (LH2) and liquid oxygen. So the ‘H’ and ‘O’ elements on the period table could be highlighted there.

The metals in the actual rockets vary, but usually include special aerospace-grade aluminium and titanium alloys. On the periodic table, these are Al and Ti. To stop the spacecraft from burning up on re-entry, special silicon/glass heat shields are used (Si on the periodic table).

Read more here: https://blogs.nasa.gov/Rocketology/2016/04/15/weve-got-rocket-chemistry-part-1/

Wow thanks a lot! I never really knew that but just so you know, that part with the periodic table was just the ending animation.