Static Animations

[From bunchofbradys]
Hi all, I’m looking to try and incorporate some static animations into the Jigs that I’m making. I’m thinking like the jig of the Jet engine where once it is broken apart, for each scene the rotors are still turning continuously and the airflow arrows are still moving.

Is this something that I’m able to do? Only with particular imported models? Any help would be appreciated!

P.S. keep up the great work on the fantastic app!

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Good question. In the example of the rotors spinning, we have a tool that we use internally that lets you spin an object on any axis. Is that what you want to do? As for the airflow, that’s another internal tool. Neither are exposed in the public app…yet!

What kind of thing are you trying to achieve?

[From bunchofbradys]
being able to spin something on an axis continually would be great, or even the ability to loop frame animations (translation between two frames that loops until you move onto the next one). It might be getting a bit complex for the stripped down version of the app.

I’m a structural biologist trying out some molecular animations in AR. Jig seems perfect, it would just be more ideal if I could have non-static frames for some simple animations (like the internal tools you mentioned).

Are there any plans to bring these tools to the public facing app?

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The looping idea is a good one, we’ve got something similar on our roadmap. Can’t say when we’ll implement it, but I can let you know when we start development on it. The intention is that all tools we develop first get tested heavily by our content team, then they graduate into the app for public consumption.

Curious to hear more about your molecular Jigs! Anything you want to share here?

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@greenlig Even iam looking for this feature. Iam a physics teacher and creating jigs for students.

To show rotation i wanted this feature. Will this be relesed any time soon?

Thanks and great work Jig team… this is such a useful tool.