Sharing my first jig!

hey, I have created my first jig for my friend’s birthday! Very Proud of myself


Hi Degny, welcome!
I see you went hunting for a key in the Lock Jig! Nice one :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you tried importing your own 3D models yet ?

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Hi Jules!
oh, I haven’t tried it yet. Not sure how to upload models to IPad though.

Hi Degny, great to have you here.

I’ve just made a new post “Importing Custom 3D Models” this shows 2 methods you can use to import models into the Workshop from your Ipad.

Check it out below:
Importing Custom 3D Models

If you have any issues importing models, just let us know. I’m looking forward to your next Jig.


Hi Peter, thank you for your help. I have not had a chance to try it out. But I hope I will soon.

I like the crazy twist :smile:


That was funny lol .