Sharing links to a Jig

Sharing Jig Links

Sharing your Jigs is an important part of your Jig Workshop experience. It can give you the motivation to move forward and improve your Jigs even more.

Remember, it is always nice to share your Jigs with a Thumbnail and a Description. It looks more presentable and professional.

When you are sharing a Jig, Jig Workshop creates a link like this that you can send straight to social media, emails, chats, etc; copy and post the link or add the link to a text file.

There are a few ways to share your Jig links: from the inside of the Jig Workshop, while you’re editing it.

Or from your Jig Menu.

Be aware: Every time you click the Share button, Jig Workshop generates new links. But don’t worry all your shared links (old or new) should still work.

Opening Jig Links

For someone receiving a shared Jig link, opening the link is simple. Take your Apple iPhone or iPad and go to the platform you received the link on, then tap the link.

If you have the Jig Workshop app installed on your device it should automatically load the Jig and take you straight into the Augmented Reality Jig Viewer.

If you don’t have the Jig Workshop app installed you will be directed to our app store page. Tap to download the Jig Workshop app. Once it is installed, tap on the open button and Jig Workshop will automatically load you straight into the shared Jig inside the Jig Viewer.