Share jig with co-workers/clients who don't have jig accounts

Hi all,
I’m new to the community and I’ve just done my first jig that I want to share with a colleague who doesn’t have a Jig account. My idea is to use the jig as instructional step-by-step assembly video. Is this possible at all?

edit: I forgot to mention that he is using a PC.

Hi @pcherkezov :wave:

Welcome to the Jig community.

There are a couple ways your colleague can view your Jig instructions:

We will soon have a web-browser based view too, which will make this even easier. Our team are currently working on this and I’ll ensure you get notified when this is available.


thanks for your reply.
The web-browser option sounds very good. Hopefully everything goes well with it and you can add the feature soon.

I tried your third suggestion but I can’t find a way to start a presentation and record it while running. Attached are 2 screenshots with all the available options. Could you please advise how to proceed?