Reposition objects

Newbie question: I have several objects on the stage and want to move one of them to a new position. I can move it in the sense of animation (like making the rocket take off in the tutorial) but how do I simply change its “starting” position in the first slide?

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I discovered that it is the same tool that allows you to animate - moving an object within a slide repositions it, while moving the same object after adding a new slide animates it when transitioning to the new slide. The counter-intuitive part was that one can only move objects along the predefined axes - attempting to move the object diagonally doesn’t work.

Hey Plewis welcome to the Platform :smiley:
Glad to hear you’re getting a hang of the tools - another tip that might help is replicating positions across steps. If you move an object and then hold down on the arrow button in the tool panel, you’ll have options to replicate the position across different steps.