Real size visualization

Hi guys,

I’m facing some problems with displaying in the correct size. I have reduced a .jt file and converted it to a .obj file. After importing into JIG, I miss the alignment in the right size.
Since I would like to present a future production system in the existing production line, the exact size is of great importance to me.
Of course I can change the size manually, but is this the only way?

Has anyone a similar problem or is there any way to fix this?

Thanks in advance!



Hello Anna welcome to the platform :smile:

We have created a 10 Meter Ruler model and added it to the Workshop model library (in the Tools category).
It is designed to be 10 meters long when loaded straight into a Jig and viewed in Augmented Reality.
You can use this as a guide to help you scale your model and if you leave it visible in your scene it can also act as a size reference for anyone else viewing your Jig.

If 10 meters is too long you can enter Sub-Object mode image and change the furthest measurements along the object to be transparent in the Color menu.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards