Object anchor support

Hi team, thanks for making this tool freely available, we’re having alot of fun experimenting. One thing we’d need in order to test our prototype is 3d object or, if that’s not possible, image anchoring.

Is this currently supported in Jig or JigPro? From an old post it looks like it was in the backlog but I wasn’t able to confirm if it’s been implemented. Thanks again!

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Hi krajlsamrels! Welcome!

Great to hear you’ve been having fun using JigSpace. To date, this feature hasn’t been implemented.

It’s always good to hear about what you’d like to use the feature for. This helps us prioritize features that will be released. What do you plan to use anchoring for? Please contact us via email if you’d prefer not to share on the community page.

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Hi Pete, no problem happy to share. Our plan would be to overlay 3d models on top of existing real life objects.

As an example, we would try to detect a regular rectangular object within the camera range and make an aquarium with animated fish out of it.

Jig already does this for initial model placement by detecting a suitable plane, we’d essentially want to do the same but with the ability to specify plane dimensions or relative ratios for example, not sure how fancy we can get.

Thanks again,