Mysteries I need help with

could you look whom is listed in jig workshop
Username is OAuth 2
Has the same email

Please I looked and it is concerning to me

Hi @Camaro, OAuth 2 is the industry-standard protocol we use to make sure everyone can login securely. Would you be able to forward the email you’ve received to

I am sorry but I am unable to do this
My school has blocked everything in the outside world
Even if I could it would not go out
My iPad would need to be a teachers iPad to do this

I see. OAuth 2 is just the security system to make sure we log you in safely, so there’s nothing to worry about here :slight_smile:

Thank you

Also I have a iPad and a ASUS computer
iPad has a 5.1 v and the ASUS has a 12 v
Is it possible to charge the 12v from 5.1v