My first jig that I made

This is the first jig I made. It came out decent I guess

Hey Potato_Boi - Welcome to the platform :smile:
It’s a cool Jig. I like how clearly you’ve explained how it works; showing the internal pieces.

Welcome to jigspace! I hope your having fun! I love your jig! I really like how it talks about the pegs on the inside, I was always confused about them!

It was my first jig I made too so it came together really good

Hay nice jig that was first jig I saw very mesmerizing
Was wondering if I could get some tips
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Oh nice looking forward to that learning jig want to see those tip so I can get around jig space better. Thanks

Hello I am new ,how can I post a jig?
Thank you.:smiley:

You tap your jig that you want to post and press the box with an arrow pointing away from it. Press copy. Then go into the showcase section and go to the bottom. Press create a topic. Then paste your jig into the message box. Then give your topic a title. Finally tap post.

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Oh thanks I am also a learner

Was wondering making a new jig and wanted to incorporate my new friends from jig space

But you can give my your real name or different name you make up so I can include you as a person and make your jig character a house

Hi I am new here how do you let other people see your jig

I have already answered that question. Scroll up a little to he how