My First Jig That I Made - Wind Turbines

Sup Im kinda new in Jig so I made my new jig.
Its pretty cool not gonna lie…

Be sure to check it out!

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NPX856 Welcome to the platform :smiley:
I had a look at your Jig and it was amazing. I loved the detail you went into, and the fun intro and outros.

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Nice Jig, pal, I loved it :smile:

Thank you!
I am working on a Car Design Now!

This is great. I love the detail in the blade gearbox.

How did you animate the house spiralling into place? Is that an option for a transition? Or did you do it manually - transform and rotate it using the gizmo?

I have…. No Ideas
It just kinda happened
And I didn’t touch it because it looked cool

No problem. It does look cool.

Will just have to use JigSpace Workshop more to find out.