My first Jig! -How does surround sound work?

Hi there,
Today I made my first Jig, I hope you guys like it!
And feel free to give me tips on how to improve.

Greets Yzeak


Hey @Yzeak_Newton

Welcome to the Jig Community, and thanks for sharing your first Jig!

Wow, what a great example, explaining how surround sound works.

This definitely got us excited at JigHQ, as we’re all spending a lot more time at home this year instead of at the movies!

@Yzeak_Newton Would you mind if we shared this on our social media feed and embedded a video here for anyone who doesn’t have Jig installed?

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Thx for the support, feel free to use it!


Oh wow @Yzeak_Newton this is an awesome Jig!