My Another Jig - Car Brakes

Check out this Jig I made with Jig Workshop!

Well here I am with another Jig.
Leave a like if you liked it
If you didn’t like it like anyway
Who Cares? right?..


Please report me If you found any mistakes I would be really pleased and fix it right away
in a snip…

I loved the Jig NPX856 - It was a very cool deep dive into how things work, and the sense of humor you added to your script defiantly makes things more fun :laughing:

You’re really good at creating Jigs, did you know you can also bring in your own 3D Models? I think you might find that fun. TurboSquid is a place where you can find some pretty amazing models for free. The models you upload have to be .OBJ format, but it can expand on what you create. Its also easy to make them look realistic with the Materials feature.
We’re always keen to hear what people think of the tools, so if you ever have trouble just let us know :smiley:

Yes I do…
But my computer doesn’t have the requirements to do that
So I ordered a new computer.
I will try to make much more efficient jigs now :smile: