Move an object to create animation between steps

Adding movement to objects is a straightforward way to animate your Jig.

To move an object:

  • Select the object and then select the Transform :toolbar_move: button.
  • Pressing and dragging on one of the 3 movement arrows to reposition your object.

You can add movement to Objects as well as Sub-objects. This can allow you to move a model around you scene while customizing individual components at the same time.

  • If your model is highlighted blue and the tool bar displays the Object Mode :toolbar_objectmode: button, you’re in object mode and can move your model around the scene.

  • If your object is highlighted green, (or in the case of grouped sub-objects, purple) and the toolbar displays the Sub-object Mode :toolbar_subobjectmode: button, you’re in sub-object mode and can move the individual components of your model.

The effect of the transitions across Steps, simply due to moving your object, can create a realistic reflection of how your models behave and are utilized in the real world.

This can be informative when trying to discuss and explore complex machines, as it allows you to see how they work.