Molecular models?

I’m trying to create molecular models in Jigspace to replace the physical model kits.

I can create the files for the molecules and upload the structures with no problem, however, I am struggling with the manipulations. I want them to be able to move and rotate like a physical model, in addition to rotating bonds.

I assume this will take some deeper exploration into 3D modeling and animation, but wanted to reach out to see if anyone has any suggestions.

Thank you!

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Hi @kmathieu92 this sounds like a great use for 3D visualisation.

Have you seen the Methane Combustion Reaction Jig in the JigSpace app?

A key technique to focus on is grouping objects and then rotating them enough on sequential steps to simulate the movement. Currently, the Jig Workshop app doesn’t enable users to loop animations, so the animation between steps is the best way to show movement. This is on our roadmap to turn on for everyone next year.

If you can share some of your work in progress, I’m sure @Laura or @JIG-Pete here might have some more detailed tips here too.


One feature that also makes this much easier is parenting, however this hasn’t been released yet. Basically it lets you connect objects together in a hierarchy, where manipulating the parent object also affects the child object. However, if you move the child object, it doesn’t affect the parent. You can imagine how powerful that tool is when you start to link together many parents and children, like the spheres and sticks of a molecule!

It’s on the roadmap for H1 next year, so stay tuned!