Merging objects

I have written the letter “head” and want to merge it as one object.

As of now each letter is a individual object.

I am able to make the word an object for a single operation, but after that they become individual objects again.

Any way to make the word “head” a single object permanently?


i think you need to use blender or as i did before… use paint 3D to write any word or phrases you want then >> save the 3D words as 3D file (.fbx file) then > insert it into blender as .fbx then export it as .obj file to your iPad or iPhone to be able to use the word or phrases as one object into Jig workShop :sweat_smile:
sorry it is along way but it will help you with that until the developers provide the direct tool for making words into 3D objects directly :disappointed_relieved:


Thanks @mohamedrefaatahmed for the workaround :blush:

Hi @Jiggsy we’re currently working on the ability to group objects together. This will enable you to merge your letters together into a single object. I don’t have an exact date when this feature will be available but it will be soon!

Also! Welcome to the community @mohamedrefaatahmed! Thank you for providing a solution Jiggsy can use until we have these features ready.

You’re welcome… but i hope to see a tool that can directly transform the typing words into 3D object as i Use this way alot in my jigs and now it takes me so long to get it done by the other long way that i previously mentioned :worried::broken_heart: