JigSpace 3.5.0 Sharing with Team Jigs and QR codes in app

JigSpace 3.5.0

Release date: 15/10/2021

We’ve released some new features to make it easier to share Jigs in teams, and to embed Jigs in your workplace, marketing materials or on packaging with QR codes.

Read more about it on our blog or try the tutorials by clicking on the links below.

New Features:

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Turn on “HD graphics” in the JigSpace app options and your Jig will now use the environment around you to create more realistic lighting and reflections.
  • We have redesigned your gallery of Jigs into clean new sections: your Jigs, your team’s Jigs, Jigs shared with you, and our tutorials.
  • Saving your Jigs or updating your Jig’s details should be about 10x faster than before!
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Download links: