JigSpace 3.3.0 Link sharing and account sign in enhancements

JigSpace 3.3.0

Release date: 26/07/2021

This is a further major update to our huge app update three weeks ago when we released features to add video, audio and FBX files to 3D presentations.

New Features:

  • If you’ve made a great Jig, you can now send it to us, directly from the app to be featured! We’re looking for the best Jigs out there to feature in an upcoming update.
  • One Jig, one link. Each Jig now has a unique link attached to it, so you can easily share links to your content or create QR codes that link to your Jigs
  • You can now sign up and login more easily using your existing Google or Facebook accounts
  • New objects in the 3d library, including handy tools for making 3D instructions, chemistry molecules for the lab and sport equipment for some fun.

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Massive performance improvement: Jigs with textures as well as our library models will now load up to 2x faster, and use a lot less memory.
  • Changing your Jig’s visibility between private and unlisted used to take several seconds, now it’s almost instantaneous.
  • Bug fix: sometimes a video would keep playing even after the object had been deleted. We’ve squashed this rare but annoying bug.

Download links: