JigSpace 3.2.0 Add Audio, Video and FBX Files

JigSpace 3.2.0

Release date: 05/07/2021

This is a huge release and upgrade of JigSpace, with the official release of video, audio and FBX files. We previously trialed adding video and audio files in 3.1 but as hidden features so we could optimise the performance and user experience.

Read more about this release from our CEO and Co-founder Zac: https://blog.jig.space/blog/add-video-audio-photos-to-your-3d-presentations

New Features:

  • Record audio per step when creating a Jig in the workshop
  • Upload audio files: mp3, wav, ogg and m4a
  • Embed mp4 and mov videos to a 3D object in your Jig from web link
  • Jig Pro subscribers can upload video files to be hosted by JigSpace
  • Added JPEG or HEIC image support for textures
  • iPhone and iPad camera roll upload support for photos and videos
  • Import FBX 3D files as static 3D object
  • Pro users who are members of multiple teams can switch team inside the app

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Images are automatically resized when uploading to make your life easier.
  • Jigs with textures now supported in ‘Offline Mode’.
  • Fixed: RMA values not being replicated to all steps after using the color picker to copy a material.
  • Fixed: Sometimes Jigs became tiny on desktop when clicking on the “Reset scale” button.
  • Fixed: Sometimes zoom/scroll became disabled after importing a texture or video.
  • Fixed: Sometimes cancelling photo import caused app to crash.

Download links: