Jig Workshop 1.9.20 AR Precision Controls, More Materials and Free 3D Objects

Jig Workshop 1.9.20

Release date: 27/07/2020

Sometimes you need a Jig to be exactly in the right spot when presenting in Augmented Reality. We’ve added new precision controls so you can move your Jig just a tiny bit without having to aim with the camera. We call this the nudge tool. It will move your Jig position in augmented reality by 1cm increments in any direction.

See video here.

Other improvements:

  • Four new materials added to choose from: copper, powder coated metal, wood, and unlit.

  • Try these new materials out by tapping one of your objects and followed by the :toolbar_colour: icon on the toolbar and the materials tab.

  • Fun new 3D objects to our free library: flowers, underwater and some really cool furniture! Discover these by tapping the :menu_addobject: button to add an object from the library.

  • General performance improvements and bug fixes

As always, if you need Help & Support or have Feedback and Ideas for us, please let us know.