Jig Workshop 1.9.15 - 1.9.17 Performance Improvements

Jig Workshop 1.9.15

Release date: 13/06/2020

Some small improvements:

  • The 3D model library has been redesigned to make it easier for all users to find and import content for your Jigs.

  • More performance improvements.

  • Bug fixes.

Jig Workshop 1.9.16

Release date: 17/06/2020

Some further small improvements:

  • More performance improvements.

  • More hints to point you in the right direction if you’re new.

  • Bug fixes.

Jig Workshop 1.9.17

Release date: 01/07/2020

This is a small update with bug fixes and usability improvements:

  • Pinch to zoom has been made sharper and more accurate.

  • The tutorial for first time users has been updated with a new model. Goodbye rocket, hello drone!

  • We’ve added an option in the home screen’s settings to hide all buttons while viewing a Jig in AR so you can record clean videos!

As always, if you need Help & Support or have Feedback and Ideas for us, please let us know.